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Google Ads Breakthrough Coaching – Vitruvian Advertising
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Google Ads Breakthrough Coaching

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Is your Google Ads account doing all that it can for your business?

Or are you leaking profits through dozens of tiny, practically invisible holes?

  • Keyword bids that are too high or too low?
  • Ad groups that are too large to be relevant or too small to optimize?
  • Campaign settings that are showing your ads to too many of the wrong people at the wrong time?

Is your account missing some huge opportunities for expansion?

  • Are you split testing ad and landing page copy intelligently or haphazardly?
  • Is your account systematically expanding into bigger and bigger pools of prospects?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the latest Google features, like remarketing and ad extensions?
  • Are there Google Ads lessons that can be applied to other marketing media for exponential growth?

Improving any one of these areas of deficit can mean the difference between failure and success in Google Ads. Improving all of them can make you the market leader.

If you’re not ready to outsource your Google Ads management but you still want guidance from the folks who wrote the book (Google Ads For Dummies, not Twilight), we invite you to consider Google Ads Breakthrough Coaching.

One of our Google Ads experts will analyze your account, talk with you about your business goals and current reality, and provide expert guidance as well as specific action items necessary to optimize, expand, and maintain optimal Google Ads performance.

We combine our systematic mindset with a customized approach. We never offer “one size fits all” advice; everything is tailored to your unique business, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

You will get recommendations for:

  • Performance improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Target market & exposure expansion

Specific Action Items may include:

  • Keyword selection & management
  • Missed opportunities
  • Enhanced performance metrics

The monthly fee covers two 1-hour screen-share calls with one of our senior account managers. We record each call and send you a download link so you can share it with your colleagues. While the above lists of topics are typical, the amount we can accomplish in each call depends on the size and complexity of your account, as well as the quality and quantity of data available to us.

If you would need more than two calls during the month, you can buy additional sessions on an hourly basis.

Please fill out the the form below if you’d like to talk to us about Google Ads Breakthrough Coaching:

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