Is Your Website Riddled with “Profit Holes”?

Are you spending good money to get prospects to visit your website, but can’t get enough of them to buy?

Most websites are riddled with what we call “profit holes” – subtle, sometimes invisible cracks where your prospects get disconnected from your messages and your offers.

Where they hit the back button and return to Google to search for your competitors.

Where they close their browser in disappointment and go back to Facebook (or MySpace, in case you’re reading this in 2006).

Where they get confused or misdirected.

Where their eye travels to the wrong part of the page and they miss the most important thing.

Where they get turned off by an image, a form, a font, a color, or some other piddly little detail that you never suspected was costing you leads or sales.

These profit holes can add up – to lots of lost business

In our experience, even a few profit holes can keep your business stuck in the middle of the pack. Scrambling for scraps while the top two competitors in your market rake in the lion’s share of the business.

If you had a leaky bucket, would you keep trying to fill it? Or would you plug up the leak first?

As strange as it seems, when it comes to online marketing, most business owners deal with the leaky website bucket problem by pour more water into it – more traffic, more Google clicks, more JV deals.

Guess what? That doesn’t work.

Or would you put on a blindfold and throw sealant randomly at the bucket, hoping to cover a hole just by chance?


Listen as Google AdWords For Dummies co-author Howie Jacobson interviews Vitruvian’s “Count of Conversion,” Garrett Todd, on the most common website profit holes – and how to find and plug them to stop the leaks.

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Download: Intro to Web Conversion – Part 2.mp3
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