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Google Ads Guidance for the DIY-er – Vitruvian Advertising
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Google Ads Guidance for the DIY-er

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If you’re just getting started, or want to grow your Google Ads chops, you’re in the right place. We can’t imagine anyone learning Google Ads and staying current on their own. We couldn’t do it without a support community. We spend a considerable portion of our profits on continuing education and masterminding as the best possible investment in Vitruvian’s future.

We’ve trained hundreds of Google Ads professionals looking for a competitive edge or a set of best practices for campaign management efficiency. Google Ads For Dummies is recommended by some of the top PPC firms in the world, and for good reason: we say nice things about them in it!

Just kidding, partially. They also recommend it because we know our stuff and are pretty good at explaining it in a clear and entertaining way.

Ready to discover strategies, techniques, tips and tricks to get your Google Ads campaigns running smoothly and successfully? Here’s the start of the buffet line. Help yourself!

For the Beginner:

Google Ads For Dummies, 3rd Edition

We recommend you start with our book, Google Ads For Dummies, 3rd Edition. For five reasons:

  1. It’s a comprehensive guide to getting started with and getting the most out of Google Ads.
  2. The For Dummies brand is famous for its clarity and accessibility.
    Believe us, those folks kicked our butts during the editing process! Did you know that every For Dummies book is tested by actual dummies? That is, people who know nothing about our subject read it through and let us know what they didn’t understand or couldn’t accomplish after reading each chapter.
  3. It’s full of lively stories and examples.
    We get bored easily, so we had to write a book that held our interest.
  4. The book covers our high-level strategy and philosophy, as well as the nuts and bolts of Google Ads management.
    Google Ads is like a powerful sports car. Just because somebody shows you what all the buttons on the dashboard do doesn’t mean you’re ready to compete in a NASCAR race. Technical ability is the Google Ads floor, the cost of entry. Marketing skill, comprised over equal parts science and art, determines the winners in any market.
  5. Tons and tons of useful bonus goodies.
    Included with the book – which sells for under $25, by the way, so we don’t even know why we’re trying so hard to convince you – is access to dozens of how-to videos that bring the concepts and instructions to life. Also, you get tools, calculators, updates, and invitations to live and recorded events for your Google Ads dining pleasure.
  6. Based on experience, backed up with theory.
    Every claim we make in the book is based on our own experience, with clients and with our personal and corporate AdWords accounts. This isn’t a “journalistic” book where we read other people’s books and reported our findings.

Here’s that link again: Google Ads For Dummies, 3rd Edition


For Intermediate Google Ads Advertisers:

The Google Ads GPS

Perhaps you’re not ready or willing to outsource your Google Ads implementation to us, but you’d like us to tell you what to do and why.

That way you can implement yourself, on the cheap, but be guided by a professionally crafted and personalized strategy.

You may be interested in our Google Ads GPS:

  • A comprehensive expert review of your account
  • An itemized, prioritized plan – specific action items to increase your sales and ROI
  • A Q&A session to clarify the plan and make sure you know how and when to implement each action item

For more information, contact us here: Google Ads GPS

Google Ads Coaching

One on one coaching is for you if you’d like the strategic benefits of professional account management without letting go of the steering wheel.

Our coaching sessions are conducted via GoToMeeting or Skype, and we look at your account together as one of our senior account managers tells you exactly what they would do if they were managing your account.

Coaching is perfect for people who don’t want to pay for implementation, for those new to online or direct marketing, and for people who want to learn all our secrets and then compete with us for business.

If you’re interested, you can review our coaching program here.