Google AdWords For Dummies 3rd Edition

Welcome to the companion website for Google AdWords For Dummies, 3rd Edition!

You’ll find videos and micro-training on various tools and components of AdWords here – everything that we promise in the book, and then some.

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Google AdWords for Dummies

Book Companion Table of Contents

Part I: Becoming a Google Advertiser

Chapter 1: Profiting from the Pay-Per-Click Revolution

Nothing to see here – keep moving…


Read this amazing  – ah, who are we kidding? We got nothing.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your AdWords Account

How to sign up for a Google AdWords account – a thrilling ride involving a form, some data input, and – eventually – a payment method. Don’t miss it!

Chapter 3: Touring Your AdWords Dashboard


Part II: Preparing Your AdWords Campaigns

Chapter 4: Sizing Up Your Online Market

Organizing ad groups (keyword buckets) – you’ve heard all about ad groups, now experience them first-hand in this 3-D I-Max – OK, in this 640 by 480 Youtube format. Happy now?

Chapter 5: Reading the Mind of Your Market

Discussion Forums – our undercover investigative reporter plunges into the byzantine and serpentine and labyrinthine world of online forums.

Chapter 6: Tracking Conversions

How to add AdWords conversion code to your website – easier than using a Sham-Wow, after you watch this video!

Click Attribution Tutorial


Call Tracking Recommendations – to help you find that perfect call tracking vendor.

Part III: Launching Your First Campaign

Chapter 7: Setting Up a Basic Campaign

Nuthin’ yet.


Zilch going on here.

Chapter 8: Writing Magnetic Ads

Download Checkmate matrix & analysis examples

Introduction to creating an Avatar

Dynamic Keyword Insertion – instructions & examples

How to use Ad Extensions

How to create display ads using Display Ad Builder

How to create video ads

Chapter 9: Landing Page Rules and Strategies

Pleasing the Google Spider with Relevant Landing Pages

Examples of Great Videos

How to Create Audio Testimonials

Tutorial on using Google Website Optimizer

Part IV: Managing Your AdWords Campaigns

Chapter 10: Saving Time with AdWords Editor

Tutorial on Using Adwords Editor

Creating Account Backups using AdWords Editor

Chapter 11: Using Keywords

Modified Broad Match Discussion

Negative Embedded Match Examples

Using AdWords Editor to Prioritize your Keywords

Chapter 12: Implementing Customized Strategies

Using the Search Term Report to manage your keywords

How to create a Mobile friendly landing page

Chapter 13: Analyzing the Numbers for Maximum Performance

Updates to the Demographic Segmenting feature

Managing Display Network placements with the automatic placement technique

Part V: Expanding and Leveraging Your Results

Chapter 14: Improving Effectiveness with Split Testing

How to Set Up AdWords Experiments

Chapter 15: Website Optimizer

Installing code on your web pages for Website Optimizer

Advanced testing methods using multivariate testing

Chapter 16: Cloning Your Campaigns For Better Results

Campaign Cloning – Instructions & Examples

Chapter 17: Following Your Best Prospects Around the Web

Remarketing Webinars

Chapter 18: Getting More Visitors Everywhere Else

CPM vs. CPC Calculator

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 19: Ten Common AdWords Mistakes
Chapter 20: Ten (or so) AdWords Case Studies