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White Paper: The Hidden Power of Paid Search – Vitruvian Advertising
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White Paper: The Hidden Power of Paid Search

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Got deep-pocket competitors with strong branding?


Worried about rising advertising costs and shrinking margins?


Are knockoff businesses nipping at your heels and confusing your prospects?


In this White Paper, you’ll meet a simple tool to put competitors in their place and establish your business as the big winner in your market.


Few businesses use this tool correctly. And even fewer use it to its full potential. After scanning the 7 pages of the White Paper, you’ll briefly kick yourself for missing out on the most significant engine for a marketing breakthrough ever created. Then you’ll start taking action to put things right.


If that action involves having a conversation with us, that’s cool. But even if you’re a DIY-er at heart, we hope our story of testing, leverage and power laws inspires you to build a better business that helps build a better world.


Here are a few teasers from the White Paper to spark your curiosity:


  • how to apply the “trade secret” of the world’s best stand-up comedians to your marketing (p. 2)
  • the real goal of most corporate advertising – and how you can benefit from this idiocy (p. 2)
  • the shocking implications of the 80/20 Rule for online advertisers – and how to turn this to your advantage (p. 3)
  • what Luke Skywalker’s method of making tea can teach you about Google AdWords (p. 4)
  • how to use AdWords for offline advertising (p. 5)
  • how the online marketing director for The Secret spent $500 to generate $100 million (p. 5)
  • the difference between the “conventional” agency view of AdWords and the AdWords Leverage Principle (pp. 6-7)


Ready to get whacked upside the head (in a nice way)? Simply enter your contact details in the form to the right and you’ll have light-speed access to “The Hidden Power of PPC”.


Worried about what we’ll do with your contact info? Well, we’re not asking for a mailing address, so we won’t be showing up at your door trick or treating or selling Fuller Brushes. We don’t sell fake Rolexes or ED pills, so we won’t be spamming you. And we get most of our business through word of mouth tales of our good deeds, so we won’t be clogging your inbox with useless dribble or self-serving fluff.


Instead, you can expect high-value, high-interest content designed to improve your business top line: occasional updates, notices of new articles, and strategy briefs (no boxers). Every email comes with its own dedicated “Sod off” link (also known as Unsubscribe), so you don’t have to deal with us one second longer than you want to.


Happy reading!

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“Discover the Hidden Power of Paid Search”

The Hidden Power of Paid Search



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