The Vitruvian Way Cafe

Google is like a magic version of the Yellow Pages, right?

Instead of a big dumb book, you have an intelligent, responsive, comprehensive, ever-changing and ever-learning Aladdin’s lamp. Just rub Google and an entire magical marketplace instantly appears in your browser window.

In case you haven’t noticed, Google AdWords For Dummies is a book.

A fine book, to be sure, but just a book. Even the Kindle and Nook versions are just electronic books. And while books are wonderful, they have their limitations.

Like: When Google changes something, the book is totally unaware of this change. Google could suddenly require all payments in Yen or cowry shells or goats, but you wouldn’t know, would you? The book will not share this kind of breaking news.

Like: We get smarter all the time. We figure out new stuff. We stop making old mistakes. We gain experience and apply it. We learn from our peers, our clients, our students. We read inspiring books and make new connections. But our book, darn it, is only as smart as we were when we wrote it.

Like: Our editors are fine people, with families, hobbies, and a great sense of style, but they can be real hard-asses when it comes to page count. We tried to pitch the project as seven books of 500+ pages each, arguing that the success of the Harry Potter series proves the profitability of such a model, but our editors were not moved.

We were allotted 432 pages, and that includes the table of contents and 38 pages of acknowledgements, as well as those swell 5th Wave cartoons. Not enough. Not nearly enough to capture the grandeur, the beauty, the subtlety, and the complexity that is AdWords.

Like: The book doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about you. Harsh, but true. We know this because a bunch of them fell on Howie’s head one day when he was standing on a chair looking for his 2008 federal tax return.

And while we hope Google AdWords For Dummies never attacks you (they seem to be a bit cowardly on their own; Howie’s attack was by a whole gang of them), we certainly don’t expect them to answer your most pressing questions.Or care that you don’t understand how to apply a concept from page 58 to your account. Or reach out and help you improve your messaging or targeting.

Better Than a Book

So now that we’ve got you here, away from that limiting ink on paper (or e-ink on e-paper) format, let’s borrow a trick from Google and morph Google AdWords For Dummies into a magical book.

One that keeps up with Google and alerts you when things change. And tells you what to do about those changes.

One that reflects the latest state of our knowledge and wisdom. So you aren’t trying to compete online with old insights.

One that covers each topic according to its need, not the amount of pages available. Sometimes we’ll cover an important topic in two minutes; other times we’ll take a full hour to go into the nuances of a particularly complicated issue.

One that gives you customized answers to your specific questions. That cares about your success. That won’t fall on your head when you’re looking for your tax documents.


The Vitruvian Way Café

The Café, which opens to the public in January 2012, consists of the following:

  • Monthly live calls and webinars, including training, presentations, group coaching, and website scorches.
  • A 24/7 forum where we answer your questions about AdWords and online marketing strategy and implementation. (Sorry, we can’t look at individual accounts; only post what you’re comfortable showing to the world.)
  • Priority email updates when anything important changes
  • Priority access and discounts to additional live training

Try the Cafe for 60 Days Free

Membership in the Café costs $23 a month. To put that in perspective, it’s roughly the same price as a vintage Tickle Me Elmo on Ebay. Wait, that doesn’t help…

Look, you do the math. You know how much you’re spending on AdWords, or perhaps you suspect how much you’re losing by not jumping in. We’re not going to try to convince you that The Vitruvian Way Café is worth a measly $0.77 a day, or a stinkin’ pack of Extra Supermint gum at the Target checkout lane.

But as inexpensive as the Café is, it’s still probably not for everyone. So you can try it – free – for 60 days before having to pay a cent. That way you can decide for yourself.

Click here to start your 60-day trial.