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Online Marketing Roadmap – Vitruvian Advertising
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Online Marketing Roadmap

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Step 1: The Discovery

The purpose of the first step in our methodology is to discover your reality. We may be testing a new site, new page, or new idea.  Or we may be reviewing an existing campaign to discover it’s potential and areas for improvement.

  • Establish Measurement
  • Create a Targeted Core Campaign based on your Target Market
  • Run Smart Experiments
  • Evaluate Results
  • Tweak Campaign Components & Retest
  • Report on Evaluation: Results & Next Steps

Step 2: Campaign Optimization & Ongoing Management

  • Campaign Optimization – your campaign will be optimized to deliver the most customers for your advertising dollars including:
  • Bid Management: finding the right position for profitability
  • Keyword Management: excluding irrelevant keywords
  • Expansion: finding additional terms to increase your exposure
  • Ad Copy Testing: split testing ad copy to maximize response
  • ROI-based Campaign Management – We partner with you in making sure your campaigns support your business and marketing goals

Step 3: Improve Website Performance

Once we have created and optimized a PPC campaign to bring targeted, hungry traffic to your website, the next step is to improve how your website handles those visitors.

There are two levels of website improvement activities.  Where we start depends on your current situation that we will assess based on your campaign data. If your website’s conversion funnel has shown some success and promise, we can improve that rate with component testing.

However, if your website is struggling to convert, we may recommend a full landing page design & test project.   Once the landing page is showing progress, we will move into our monthly conversion improvement service.

Continuous Conversion Improvement

Continuous conversion improvement is an ongoing monthly process that involves running incremental element tests to continually improve conversion over time.  There are many components that affect the sales & conversion process.  We identify those components and test them against controls in order to continuously improvement conversion.

  • Assess the existing sales funnel and identify improvements to test
  • Implement the recommended improvements (graphics, programming, etc.)
  • Test the improvements using Website Optimizer
  • Evaluate results and repeat

Landing Page Design & Test (1 page)

  • Assess: Review & identify changes based on conversion concepts & best practices
  • Implement: Graphically design & develop a single target landing page
  • Test: Setup, run and monitor the split test of a current landing page against the new landing page using Website Optimizer.
  • Evaluate: Evaluate results and establish next steps.

Step 4: Expand into More Channels

Once we have a well tuned search campaign with an established conversion funnel, there are many additional channels available to find visitors and promote your product/service.  A few of the initial recommended options are listed below:

Additional Channels

  • Google Display Network Campaign
  • Yahoo & Bing Search
  • Google Merchant Center Feed Manager and Google Ads Plus Box
  • Facebook
  • Direct Media Buys
  • Shopping Channels
  • YouTube Video Advertising

Find out more about our Customer Discovery Philosophy.