Vitruvian Who?

Kristie McDonald

Kristie McDonald is the CEO of Vitruvian. Kristie has been in IT consulting for over 20 years.  With a background that includes McKinsey & Company and an Accenture spin-off firm, she has years of experience in strategy consulting, project management and general business management.

Kristie’s online experience began in 2004 when she was put in charge of the website and marketing program at the consulting company where she was an owner and director.  She went on to build and grow an E-commerce store and gained her significant AdWords experience and reputation working for a Chicago-based PPC management company where she managed over 100 different client accounts in industries such as legal, real estate, ecommerce  and travel.

Kristie holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in Champaign.


Tim Scheer

Tim Scheer is Vitruvian’s Senior Account Manager. He is a Google Adwords Advertising & Local Search Marketing Specialist. Being both Google AdWords certified and Bing Ads Certified, Tim has managed many campaigns in various industries such as home improvement, industrial and ecommerce.

He is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and to do whatever it takes to achieve the the best possible results for our clients.

Jay N.

Account Manager

Brionne D.

Account Manager


Cheryle Lichtenberger

Cheryle 2014smCheryle Lichtenberger has been Vitruvian’s Office Manager for over 6 years. She is also an Account Manager with a Google AdWords Certification. Cheryle is responsible for Tracking, Reporting, Quality Assurance and overall Client Satisfaction. Cheryle’s attention to detail and incredibly positive attitude help our clients hit the ground running and keeps them well informed on their account performance.  Her dedication to our Client’s has made them the happiest clients around!

Cheryle holds a B.S. in Education from Illinois State University.


Garrett Todd

Garrett ToddGarrett Todd is Vitruvian’s Director of Conversion Rate Optimization. He is a Google AdWords Consultant and a Conversion Rate Optimization expert specializing in A/B and Multivariate Testing on business websites.

As a Google Certified Professional, he has 8+ years of PPC advertising experience helping clients increase quality traffic to their websites.  He then uses split-testing tools to increase website conversions which drive higher sales & leads.

Garrett uses an artistic approach in marketing with a scientific way of analyzing data to make educated business decisions. Garrett’s core philosophy in business is Traffic + Conversion + Measurement = Profits.

He holds a B.A. in Management & Entrepreneurship from The Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University.  His other interests include studying evolution, astronomy, cosmology, astro-biology, chemistry, physics, and microbiology. Less boring, he also enjoys fishing, boating, computing, and video games.