The Real Power of PPC – 2


  • The Traffic
  • The Data
  • The Google mini-fridge you get after generating a million leads through AdWords generating a million leads through AdWords



Sure, you can do quite well turning AdWords traffic into leads and sales. But that’s about 3% of the true value of AdWords. Is that all you’re getting?

At Vitruvian, we’re experts at turning paid traffic into profits. But unlike most agencies, that’s just our first step. The real PPC payoff is the data you can collect if you set things up right and you pay close attention.

Data? What are we talking about? You can use AdWords data to:
Use the power of your Paid Search Data to:

  • Assess a market BEFORE you commit millions to R&D, product development and division-building
  • Discover the messages that will motivate your visitors to action
  • Find the right keywords for SEO before investing time and money in link-building
  • Determine the ideal competitive positioning in your market
  • Improve the effectiveness of your website and sales process

The True Gold:

  • Multiply your ROI when we apply these insights to all media, online and offline (especially the expensive ones where testing is impossible)

Vitruvian’s mission, should you choose to accept, is to set up and run and optimize AdWords campaigns that win so you can replicate their success everywhere else.

We map AdWords networks onto other advertising media so you can repeat and expand on success.

The choice is yours: keep your AdWords campaigns in a silo and reap puny rewards, or use the PPC leverage principle to discover your ideal customer and your winning message across all media.

Mini fridge optional.

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