Test Drive Our AdWords Management – Woof!

We love clients who spend $20,000 a month and up!

Not just for the obvious reason (we make more money on bigger accounts). But also because accounts that big give us our best shot to strut our stuff.

We frolic in that data like a toddler in a giant ball pit. And when we apply our proprietary systems and tools (the ones we don’t share publicly, precisely because it wouldn’t be fair to our biggest clients) to all those impressions and clicks and conversion and bid prices, really good things tend to happen.

But of course we can’t guarantee results. That would be foolish and dishonest.

An Offer We Hope You Can’t Refuse

Luckily, we have another idea: we’ll take all the risk.

We’ll set up a brand new AdWords account for you – no charge. We’ll run it for a month – no management fee. You just pay for traffic.

And at the end of a month, you tell us: Do you want to continue with us, or not?

If we haven’t done a fantastic job, getting you more leads and sales for less money, then tell us to stop, and simply turn your old account back on.

But if you like what you see – if we’ve earned your confidence – then we take over your account and keep getting you the beautiful numbers.


We call this our Puppy Dog Offer, as in, take the puppy home and if you don’t absolutely love him, bring him back.

It’s sneaky, isn’t it? How will you be able to return the puppy once you’ve bonded? And how will you be able to go back to your old AdWords management setup once you’ve seen what we can do?

The Fine Print

We are extremely selective in accepting Puppy Dog clients. We need to be sure we can win; otherwise we waste our time and yours. So in order to qualify, we’re asking you to take 4 minutes to complete the questionnaire below to get the tail wagging.

  • Step 1: Fill out our questionnaire below.
  • Step 2: If you qualify, we will conduct an audit of your account to make sure we can win your business.
  • Step 3: We build our version of your account; run ours for one month and evaluate.

Ready to meet Fido? Get started here:

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