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Thanks! and Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your AdWords Account
gafd3/buckets – Organizing ad groups (keyword buckets)
Chapter 5:
gafd3/conversioncode – How to add AdWords conversion code to your website
gafd3/attribution – Click Attribution Tutorial
gafd3/calltracking – Call Tracking Recommendations
Chapter 8: Writing Magnetic Ads
gafd3/checkmate – Download Checkmate matrix & analysis examples
gafd3/avatar – Introduction to creating an Avatar
gafd3/dki – Dynamic Keyword Insertion – instructions & examples
gafd3/ad-extensions – How to use Ad Extensions
gafd3/adwizard – How to create display ads using Display Ad Builder
gafd3/video-ads – How to create video ads
Chapter 9: Landing Page Rules and Strategies
gafd3/lp-seo – Pleasing the Google Spider with Relevant Landing Pages
gafd3/sleeve-videos – Examples of Great Videos
gafd/audio – How to Create Audio Testimonials
gafd3/wso – Tutorial on using Google Website Optimizer
Chapter 10: Saving Time with AdWords Editor
gafd3/editor – Tutorial on Using AdWords Editor
gafd3/editor-backup – Creating Account Backups using AdWords Editor
Chapter 11: Using Keywords
gafd3/mbm – Modified Broad Match Discussion
gafd3/embedded – Negative Embedded Match Examples
gafd3/priority – Using AdWords Editor to Prioritize your Keywords
Chapter 12: Implementing Customized Strategies
gafd3/searchreport – Using the Search Term Report to manage your keywords
gafd3/mobilebuilder – How to create a Mobile friendly landing page
Chapter 13: Analyzing the Numbers for Maximum Performance
gafd3/demographic – Updates to the Demographic Segmenting feature
gafd3/automatic – Managing Display Network placements with the automatic placement technique
Chapter 14: Improving Effectiveness with Split Testing
gafd3/experiments – How to Setup AdWords Experiments
Chapter 15: Website Optimizer
gafd3/install-tags – Installing code on your web pages for Website Optimizer
gafd3/multivariate – Advanced testing methods using multivariate testing
Chapter 16: Cloning Your Campaigns For Better Results
gafd3/cloning – Campaign Cloning – Instructions & Examples
Chapter 17: Following Your Best Prospects Around the Web
gafd3/remarketing – Remarketing Webinars
Chapter 18: Getting More Visitors Everywhere Else
gafd3/cpm – CPM vs. CPC Calculator