Beware AdWords Default Settings

Howie chatted today with Jason McDonald, an AdWords/SEO/Social Media consultant and trainer in the Bay area, who was one of the first 1000 advertisers to discover AdWords, before it was open to the public.

Jason has taught thousands of people how to use AdWords, and in this interview he cautions against two of the most serious beginner mistakes: ignoring keyword match type and misusing the Display network.

Jason is no relation to Vitruvian’s Joel McDonald or Kristie McDonald (who are no relation to each other either). Things get confusing around here sometimes, and AdWords is the least of our problems 😉

Anyway, enjoy the interview, and add your voice to the conversation in the Comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

Download the interview in mp3 format for your iPod, computer, or party DJ mix.

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