Google AdWords For Dummies

Google makes it simple to create mobile landing pages and entire mobile-friendly Web sites with their free mobile site builder. Checkout this cute ad video from Google that explains more about their Mobile Site builder: [youtube][/youtube] Get started using their...Read More 

This video shows you how to add exact, phrase, and negative keywords from the report on the real search terms that triggered your broad match keywords. For best results, watch in full screen and floss after every meal. [tube][/tube] Find all the Google AdWords...Read More 

Below is a short video that shows what the Select a Location tool can do. For your viewing pleasure, we recommend you watch in full screen and don’t slouch. [tube][/tube] Find all the Google AdWords For Dummies companion resources here. Found a problem...Read More 

You can sort and filter keyword types using AdWords Editor. Here is a tutorial on creating a filter to find all your “slumbering” keywords – the ones that are not showing ads on the first page of Google search results – and sorting them to bring the most important and actionable...Read More 

Here are some clever ways to use embedded match keywords.   [youtube][/youtube]   Read More 

Modified Broad Match is a perfect example of how much can change in the Adwords and Search Advertising World. At the time our book went to press, we felt that Modified broad was typically unnecessary if you were using broad and negatives correctly. However, since that time (actually somewhat before,...Read More 

Create backups of your accounts by using Adwords Editor. Here is a quick tutorial. [youtube][/youtube] Read More 

Below, you can view tutorials for Adwords Editor.   [youtube][/youtube]   Read More 

Here are a series of tutorials from Vitruvian’s optimization team on landing page optimization using Google’s free Website Optimizer tool. Read More 

Here are some recommended services and advanced testimonial-gathering strategies to help you set up a toll-free audio line for just a few dollars a month. Audio Resources for Your Site Online Vendors Desktop Software Recording Gear How to Get Great Testimonials Vendors Audio Acrobat Audio Acrobat is...Read More 

Here are some audio testimonials that we have collected regarding our book “Google AdWords For Dummies”. Read More 

Watch these video demonstrations to see how videos convey the protective power of a product in a way that no amount of words can. G-Form Youtube Channel   Read More 