Google AdWords For Dummies

Howard Jacobson (co-author of Google AdWords For Dummies, 3rd Edition) addresses important key points for anyone using AdWords or thinking about using AdWords for their business. What is the biggest AdWords challenge? Importance of market discovery. Writing target ads for your prospect. Finding the...Read More 

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In chapter 16 we gave you the Standard Issue basics of campaign cloning. If you get to the point where you’re interested in Advanced Campaign Cloning (such as 6x day parting and Operation Camouflage to befuddle your competitors), watch the videos below. Cloning 101 [tube][/tube] Operation...Read More 

There’s no campaign setting for “Search Partners only,” and the workaround is too complicated and convoluted to present in chapter 16. When you find that your Cost/Conv. metrics vary greatly between Google and Search partner traffic Campaign Cloning can be the solution. Campaign Cloning can be...Read More 

Below are resources directly from Google on using Google’s Website Optimizer for multivariate testing 1. Written documentation from Google 2. Video: Multivariate Testing Video Demo and instructions 3. Video: Introduction to Website Optimizer     Read More 

Enjoy the mellow styling of Vitruvian’s own “The Count of Conversion”, Garrett Todd, in this video tutorial that walks you through installing JavaScript snippets. Basically, you add a different snippet to your original, variation, and conversion pages, just after the opening <head>...Read More 

Here is a full-color tutorial on monitoring AdWords Campaign Experiments. Read More 

In Chapter 13 of Google AdWords For Dummies, you discover our “Minutes per Month Maintenance Method,” or MMMM (say it out loud, it feels good). So you don’t have to keep flipping back to that chapter, we’ve created a Google Calendar that will alert you whenever one of the monthly...Read More 

The Sweep, Graduation, and Reform School Automatic Placement techniques can be the difference between getting slapped around by the Google Display Network and making it a profitable part of your advertising. In these videos, Joel shares techniques that many AdWords professionals don’t know about...Read More 

If you’re advertising in the Display network, AdWords gives you useful data on how well your ad and website perform for different demographic segments: male, female, and undetermined; and several age ranges. In this video, you’ll discover how to discover and play with the data. If you find...Read More 

If you’re excited about mobile, Vitruvian ally Dan Hollings has put together a great tutorial on mobile marketing that he’s making available to our readers for free. Click here to register for the tutorial. Read More 

If your site is built on the WordPress platform, you can install a free mobile plugin that shows mobile-friendly pages to any visitor viewing your site on a mobile phone. Click here to go to the one we currently recommend called Wptouch. Read More 