by Howard Jacobson. Pay-per-click search marketing may have been invented in the second Clinton administration, but it’s a modern iteration of a hundred-year-old tradition of direct marketing: Find people who have a problem, get their attention with a small, inexpensive ad, and then offer them...Read More 

This article by Howie Jacobson was originally posted on Search Engine Watch. One of the most important elements of any search-based lead generation campaign is the offer – what does your prospect get as a result of giving you their contact information? Ideally, this offer acts like a magnet, attracting...Read More 

Some helpful sales tips I learned on my journey… 1)  The best salesman I ever met made a call to someone random before he made his sales calls. So in essence I think he was warming up his brain for action on the phone. (Picture a baseball player in the warm up area swinging a bat or a basketball...Read More 