Secrets of Phone Sales

Some helpful sales tips I learned on my journey…
1)  The best salesman I ever met made a call to someone random before he made his sales calls. So in essence I think he was warming up his brain for action on the phone. (Picture a baseball player in the warm up area swinging a bat or a basketball player shooting free throws before the game.)
2)  I always do “mouth calisthenics” before sales calls…
Remember the Micro Machines commercial guy? He’d talk really fast?! So I mimic him and I say things like, “Micro machines the mini midget colossal collection collect em trade em race em they’re from Galoob they’re really small!”
Or I talk like an auctioneer selling “chotskies. ” It makes my dog look at me weird but I do feel more “warmed up” when I speak with prospects.
Tips and Tricks!

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