As discussed in Chapter 8, Vitruvian uses the Checkmate Method of competitive analysis
to find the “sweet spots” in the advertising landscape: the niches no
competitor is targeting, the offer or emotional appeal no competitor is making.
Download the matrix and see examples of completed Checkmate analyses below.

Camp Checkmate – Pre-Camp Training Series

Welcome to “Pre-Camp Checkmate Central”

The Checkmate Matrix (PDF, 63K)


Lesson #1: Meet the Matrix
Lesson #2: Write a new ad based on the Matrix
Lesson #3: Seeing like a Serpent
Lesson #4: Getting Emotional with Jaguar
Lesson #5: Getting Strategic with Hummingbird
esson #6: Seeing like an Eagle


Another Way to Kill Creativity (Why Camp Checkmate is Bait and Switch)
The Formula for Accelerated Marketing Mastery (PDF Report)
Camp Checkmate Improv Games
Russian Supermodel Athletes, “Lazy Loser” Marketing Gurus, and Camp Checkmate

Recorded Online Training

Introduction to Checkmate / Dear Diary / Press Conference #1
Introduction to Checkmate / Dear Diary / Press Conference #2
The Dating Game
Ad Testing Protocol: The Paint by Numbers Testing Method – slides and audio
Ad Testing Protocol Webinar Recording
Landing Page Double Jeopardy + Traffic Tuesday
Using Surveys for Market Insight JUST UPLOADED 21 MAY

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Joey and Jamey Bridges: Checkmate Followup 4 Months Later



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